Vårväder i Sverige – Vad underbart!

Sweden is in full spring. In fact, May is the month many Swedes answer is their favourite month of the year. May and spring makes Swedes talk even more than usual about the weather, quite often using delightful exclamations.

Below you will be able to study weather comments and exclamations, making you able to say happy things about the weather. Make sure to study the weather phrases extra hard, because you can come a long way in a conversation with a Swede, if you know how to talk about weather, not only in the spring time.

Before practicing the vocabulary, it is helpful to understand the way we exclaim our statements. This is done with the words: vilken/vilket/vilka (normally, but not here, translated with: which) and vad (normally, but again not here, translated with: what). The traditional translation is not applicable when exclaiming though, so pay attention to that.

Vilken/vilket/vilka is used when we have a noun in our exclamations.

Vilken dag! Vilket väder! Vilka kvällar!

An adjective can also be added to these exclamations, to enhance what we really want to say:

Vilken vacker dag! Vilket underbart väder! Vilka varma kvällar!

Note that we need to know if the noun is en/ett/plural, in order to use the right form of the exclamation mark vilken/vilket/vilka. To translate this into English makes the knowledge of the words a bit confusing (since the traditional translation of these words is which): What a beautiful day! What amazing weather! What warm nights!

Vad is used when we don’t have a noun in the exclamations.

Vad vackert! Vad underbart! Vad varmt! Vad intressant det här är!

= How beautiful! How wonderful! How warm! How interesting this is!

The first two phrases above are, just like in English, not a complete sentence, but is very common to use just for exclamation purposes.  So try to combine Vad or Vilken/Vilket/Vilka with an adjective and/or a noun. The t-ending of the adjective should be used when only using an adjective by itself (when talking about weather) and when there is an “ett” noun. Feel free to submit your suggestions in the Swedish2go blog, and I can tell you if you did it right. Try it, and become a pro at Swedish positive weather exclamations!

Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka fantastisk(t) (en) årstid = season
Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka otrolig(t) (en) dag = day
Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka sagolik(t) (en) morgon = morning
Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka himmelsk(t) (en) kväll = evening
Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka underbar(t) (ett) väder = weather
Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka ljuvlig(t) månad (en) = month
Vad/Vilken/Vilket/Vilka härlig(t) (ett) år = year

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