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Membership options: Memberships are offered monthly, for 3 months or 12 months. Only monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed. Memberships are also offered in three different versions: Swedish grammar videos, Swedish courses, Premium Swedish. Premium Swedish membership gives access to all member material on website.

Payment options: When you purchase your subscription you will be billed on the same date when using credit card/Paypal. There is no dead line date when using Bankgiro, although your membership will not be activated untill Swedish2go has received the payment with the correct amount and referense (your email address). Monthly subscription memberships will be automatically renewed through Paypal. Your monthly subscription will be renewed at the rate you signed up for unless you cancel your membership prior to the end of your billing period. Membership lasting 3 months or 12 months must be renewed manually by member.

Bankgiro can only be used for customers living in Sweden or possessing a Swedish bank account. Access to the membership will take up to 3 work days after Swedish2go receiving the payment. The membership starting date begins when Swedish2go activates it.

Cancel monthly subscriptions: Cancellation of a monthly membership is done through the same Paypal account as signed up with. This action will cancel the membership immediately. A message will be emailed the member, notifying that the first automated payment for the second billing cycle is about to occur. This email will only be sent out if customer confirms to be on Swedish2go email list.

Refund Policy: You agree to the subscription term you choose and that there will be no refunds. Refund can’t be done because you will receive products immediately after registration. Use the 3 day trial membership to see what our website has to provide.

Privacy Policy: On www.swedish2go.com we collect contact information such as name and internet contact information such email addresses, information about the user’s computer system, such as the web browser type, IP address, and operating system, non-financial identification information, such as username and password combinations.

This information is collected to complete the current activity of the visitor, for website administration purposes, to evaluate, review, or improve the website, to notify visitors of updates to the sites (newsletter purpose), and/or contact them to market Swedish2go products or services.

All this informtion are for our purpose and not be used for purposes of solicitation, advertising, unsolicited e-mail or spamming, harassment, invasion of privacy, or conduct which may be otherwise deemed to be objectionable conduct.

Thank you for reading and accepting our terms and conditions.

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Last updated on May 29 2013