Swedish vocabulary for May happenings

Many people love this time of year in Sweden. The nature is exploding, the hockey interest is at its peak (world cup, this time in Stockholm!) and the music expectations are high (the Eurovision song contest is coming up). Here’s therefor a list of useful and up to date Swedish terms to learn (not always litterally translated):

  • Eurovision song contest = stora melodifestivalen (well mayby not formally, but gereally speaking)
  • World cup of hockey = hockey VM
  • Favorite to the gold = guldfavorit
  • To win = att vinna
  • To loose = att förlora
  • To underestimate = att underskatta (exempelvis länder som Vitryssland)
  • GO Sweden GO! = Heja Sverige!
  • Blooming = blommar
  • It’s starting to get green = Det grönskar
  • Bad weather = svenskt vårväder
  • Barbeque = grilla
  • Sit outside and eat, even though it’s freezing = njuta av vårkvällen

So sit down and study this vocabulary and you’ll be able to follow all the most important happenings in Sweden at the moment.