Swedish sayings with the butt!

Svenska talesätt

Don’t ask me why, but Swedes use several sayings including the butt, (häck, rumpa, ända, bak…)sometimes translated by Google translate with the ass (yes, I know I have advised you NOT to use google translate, but I find it amusing so I do it once in a while anyway, and maybe also with the purpose of showing why you shouldn’t…)

Here’s a few sayings for you to learn:

Jag har häcken full

Now, try this on Google translate! What we mean with this is that we have a ton to do, so we probably won’t have time for anything else. This is commonly used among staff in Sweden (according to my North American hard working husband who thinks that the one thing Swedes are good at is FIKA!)

Hur man än vänder sig har man rumpan bak

Now, this situation is never fun: meaning that no matter what you do, you are in trouble. Maybe this saying is popular in Sweden because the country is full of people scared of conflicts. And we all know, that we can not always make everyone happy.

Smaken är som baken, delad

…just meaning that we all have a different taste in things and there’s nothing we can do about it. Normally this can be used to avoid conflicts, when we feel the tension build up about our different opinions regarding for example a movie, a sports club, or even politics.

Att ha eld i baken

= to be in a huge hurry, running around like crazy. Usually used as a contrast from being totally relaxed and maybe even lazy, to, for some reason, being totally stressed and focused.

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