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What is a Swedish language video membership about?

Call it Swenglish if you want, the Swedish2go tutorial videos are trying to explain rules of the Swedish language in a way that is easier understood by people like you, who already understands English. By using your language (English), translating it to Swedish, and showing with pictures, schemes and examples, we hope that the Swedish grammar understanding will fall easier into place for you.

Your talking grammar book

This is not a complete language course. See this membership as a complement to your other Swedish language studies, for example SFI or other Swedish classroom studies. Looking for a more complete way to study online? Look into our Swedish on demand lessons, or Individual solutions.

The grammar in the videos is functional, meaning that we don’t go into advanced details.  Yes, occasionally we may even use a terminology that is easier to understand, but not totally formally aproved by grammar professors. You don’t need to be a grammar professor, do you? All you need is to understand Swedish and know how to use it.

Why grammar?

Well, honestly, some people don’t need it at all. Ask any Swede on the street and most people don’t have a clue of what a subjekt or adverb is. Learning a new language as an adult however, is different. Grammar helps you explain to yourself why this or that is right or wrong. It can be symbolized as the carpenter’s tools while building a house. When the house is done, the tools aren’t as useful anymore. Grammar also gives you a chance to understand a Swedish teacher’s explanations when answering your question: Why do you say…? – Because…

3 levels

Our video tutorial memberships are divided into three levels: Beginner (1), Intermediate (2) and Advanced (3), with a minimum of 15 grammar videos in each level. You get access to them 3 months at a time, and the membership will automaticly be renewed every three months for as long as you wish. You can sign up to just one of the levels and go to the next step whenevery you are ready for it, or you can choose to access everything at once.

Look into the level descriptions (links at the top) and see what they cover before deciding what’s best for you.

Are you representing a Swedish language school? Want to buy access for many of your English speaking students at the same time? We offer group packages! Contact Swedish2go for more information.