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SFI and Swedish2go Grammar

Swedish2go offers support for all students at Svenska för invandrare, SFI, who have a good understanding of English. The Swedish grammar videos are suitable for anyone from SFI B – SFI D. Swedish2go offers special discounts for SFI schools and students.

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Ordföljd = Word order


Pronomen – Pronouns


Adjektiv och substantiv – Adjectives and nouns


Adverb, konjunktioner och interjektioner – Adverbs, conjunctions and interjections


Övrigt – Other

Why grammar?

Well, honestly, some people don’t need it at all. Ask any Swede on the street! Most people don’t have a clue of what a subject or adverb is. Learning a new language as an adult however, is different. Grammar helps you explain to yourself why this or that is right or wrong. Grammar also gives you a chance to understand your Swedish teacher’s explanations when answering your question: Why do you say…? – Because…

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