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Try Swedish lessons without any commitment!
Try Swedish lessons without any commitment!

Interested in Swedish courses online? You are at the right place.

Swedish2go offers Swedish courses in three levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced Swedish. As a Swedish2go member you get access to all levels and lessons, so you can start on the course that is right for you and let yourself develop in your pace.

Each Swedish course consists of 8 modules. Each module consists of a minimum of 4 video lessons. You will therefore get instructional videos from your Swedish2go teacher of over 100 lessons and approximately 32 hours.

Swedish courses include:

  • Swedish words and phrases, useful for Swedish immigrants and tourists
  • Swedish grammar
  • Pronunciation, repeat after the teacher!
  • Quizzes – test yourself!
  • PDF document of each lesson, making it easier for you to take notes.

Read more about each level:

Beginner Swedish Course  Intermediate Swedish courseAdvanced Swedish




Swedish courses + all member material from Swedish2go:

Choose Premium Swedish! This membership includes access to all member material. As we continue producing material, your membership will also get bigger. Premium members can access for example:

  • Swedish courses including study material
  • Swedish grammar videos
  • Swedish listening comprehension (hörövning)
  • Swedish dictation (diktamen)
  • Swedish reading comprehension (läsförståelse, skönlitteratur)


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