Swedes love talking about the weather!

And that’s why the Intermediate lesson today, lesson number 5, is about the weather. We practice phrases, words, pronunciation and everything we need to know about this popular topic. Yes, we even learn how to complain about the weather:

Fy, ett sånt väder! (Not correctly spelled, but that’s how we say it.)

We can see that weather is important to us Swedes by looking at popular sayings, some of them very often used:

  • Det som göms i snö kommer fram i tö.
  • Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder.
  • Efter regn kommer solsken.
  • Kläder efter väder
  • Spotta inte i motvind.
  • Solen lyser även på liten stuga.
  • Även solen har sina fläckar.

Your assignment: Understand these sayings, not only word by word, but also the meaning behind it. A translation and interpreting help will come on this blog next week!