Svensk mat utomlands

Swedish food abroad

… more correctly: this text is more about the Swedish food that we don’t find abroad – not in Canada anyway, where I presently spend some time. All cultures and countries have their different items, goodies, treats etc. Canada has a lot of them, that I miss when back in Sweden, but Canada is also missing out on a lot.

This one, for example:

Photo: Åsa Bouck

Kalles kaviar!

The picture is taken in Canada. I had my husband export it in the suitcase together with a block of ice from Sweden to Canada. Because the list of things I miss to eat over here is a lot longer now since Ikea took away all the genuine Swedish imports in  their food section and replaced everything with Ikea brand! The charm is gone. Ikea probably makes tons of money on the change, but I am disappointed.

What else can’t be found here… Filmjölk! Leverpastej! Saltlaktris! Mjukost på tub! (Yes, they laugh at us Swedes here in Canada, thinking that we put any food into a tube. Well they can laugh! They just don’t realise how convenient and smart that is.)

And even though some things can be found abroad, the selection of certain items are different between countries. I know that my kids miss the “forever-long” isle of sugary breakfast cereals in the stores when we go back to Sweden, but their health-conscious mom misses the variety of healthy cereals, because that is a bit harder to find in North America. I also miss the selection of bread and the selection of cheese.

What’s the point of this little text? I’m not sure. Maybe to prepare people going to Sweden that there’s a lot of good stuff over there, but also that you will for sure miss things that you can’t find. See the positive things in each country (and bring with you what you can’t find). That’s why I am going out for lunch, eating an amazing hamburger after having a restaurant breakfast with American pancakes, eggs and bacon!

(Living in Sweden, but from a different country? What eatable things do you miss? Are you a Swede living somewhere else? What do you miss? Please share with me.)

 Photo: Magnus Skoglöf/    Photo: Miriam Preis/ 

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