Partikelverb i svenskan

Swedish2go is in the production stage of finishing the 8 hours of lessons to the advanced course (Avancerad kurs i svenska). Right now, a lesson about partikelverb is being made. And it’s just to face it: Us Swedes have some cool and useful expressions using particle verbs. There are tons of them though. Read and learn these as a start:

  • Ställa in sig – to prepare yourself for something, and to mentaly and strongly think something is going to happen
  • Ställa sig in – not the same thing as above! This means to brown nose somebody
  • Suga åt sig – to really absorb credit about yourself. If someone is telling you how good you are: Sug åt dig!
  • Punga ut – to pay for something, usually a bigger amount. It’s always about money, though: Svenskar pungar ut miljontals på sms varje år.
  • Trassla in sig – “to tangle yourself in something”: Not just literally, but also if you have a problem, or maybe several, and you have caused yourself to be in that situation.
  • Skälla ut någon – “to bark someone out” or to berate/scold/call down: Min lärare skällde ut mig när jag inte kunde alla partikelverb.
  • Skjuta upp – Skjut inte upp till imorgon, det du kan göra idag. = don’t postpone till tomorrow, what you can do today…

Start learning Swedish! Yes! Great idea! You have already started by reading this blog.

Kör igång! (Another partikelverb!)