New course added!

Ok, I can’t only have a class for total beginners. What are all the other people, who knows a little bit of Swedish, going to do? So on the same day as the beginner class starts, the intermediate lesson is following: October 11th at 21.00 in Sweden.

Yes, it may be late in the evening for those of you already living in Sweden, but for all parents of young children, it’s probably perfect. And the very hard working ones has time to come home. In north America, it could be perfect to put your lunch box in the microwave and enjoy your lunch break while learning Swedish from your teacher in front of the computer. For you in Great Britain/Ireland, 20.00 is regular evening course time, so congratulations! I guess in Australia… do you like very early morning studies?

I guess, with a global virtual classroom, there is never a time that is good for everyone.

This intermediate course, which also has a duration of 8 weeks, 1 hour/week, is for those who has some basic knowledge of Swedish, but is missing quite a bit of words and grammar understanding. Here is an example of what the course covers:

Phrases while shopping, groceries, Swedish traditions and customs, describing the way, phrases while at the doctor, talking about the weather (last subject VERY important in Sweden!).

Of course this course also includes quite a bit of grammar (also explained in English) and pronunciation drills. And just like the beginner course, you will have a chance to ask questions in writing, test your understanding of the last lesson and practice more on your own before the following lesson. You will be guided to free online study material related to what the last lesson covered and you will also be provided with Swedish2go video tutorials containing the same grammar as the teacher has taught you.

Please look at the Swedish2go website for full course description!

When interested in trying the first lesson for free, please write an email to and let me know! Don’t forget to say which course you want to participate in. (You are of course welcome to join both!)