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Online Swedish lessons, 1 hour/week

Group lessons are held to several people at the same time. We use a video conference system, that you get access to through your email. It is through the form on this web site or by email ( that you register. The sound and picture quality of the lesson highly increases with a high speed Internet. The sound quality is also helped if you use a head set during the lesson.

During these lessons it is only the teacher who is speaking, in order to reduce the amount of disturbance. However, you are recommended to repeat after the teacher from where you are, to get a chance to practice pronunciation. If you have a question that you want to ask, you are free to use the written chat function whenever you want during the lesson. The teacher will do her best to answer all the questions during the hour of class, but if time is short your question will be answered in writing to all participants afterwards.

Group lessons are always recorded. Everyone signed up for the 8-week course get access to these lessons, which ensures participants to review.

In addition to the 8 x 1 hour lessons you will finish each one of them by a few questions, as a self control that you have understood. You also get optional advice of links to follow to practice Swedish online for free (or through paid material if you wish). Furthermore, you get access to related tutorial videos from Swedish2go, covering the Swedish language rules that the teacher has taught.
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Individual Swedish course
To give you a better idea of what to expect upon studying with Swedish2go we have attached a typical study plan for one of the segments from the Beginners Complete Course.

In a Beginners Complete course you go through chapters, so called steps, one by one. That will enable your teacher to help you with certain things that you find difficult and need to repeat in between each step.

Most courses are developed with the same method idea, but with more and less of the certain things you want – or don’t want to focus on. See our course selection for what is included in the course of your choice.