Julskinka, jansson, julmust, tomten och… Kalle Anka!

Celebrating Christmas in Sweden is not really like celebrating it somewhere else. I guess every culture has it’s traditions and it’s charm. Swedens maybe most different tradition on Christmas Eve (the big celebration day here) is watching Donald Duck on TV. Every Christmas Eve at 3 pm, half of Sweden’s population sits down to seriously watch cartoons for one hour. Read more about this special habit, written by a non-Swede here.
Swedes don’t eat turkey around Christmas. Not very many, anyway. Instead is the ham, julskinka, the main ingredient on the Christmas smorgasbord (which is one of few Swedish words exported to the English language). We drink julmust – don’t miss to try that tasty soda, whenever you come to Sweden. It may be called påskmust (Easter must) or simply just must, if you’re here at other times of the year.

As in many countries, Christmas has a lot of food-traditions. But it’s so much more. It means family, sharing, giving, spending time together. It’s time for happiness and to see the children laugh.

Merry Christmas, everyone!