Intermediate Swedish course description

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Intermediate Swedish course description

Module 1

  • Phrases in the store
  • Grocery vocabulary
  • Telling price in the store
  • Grammar:
    • Indefinite/definite form of plural nouns
    • OrdningstalVerb: finns, är, blir..
  • Quizzes


Module 2

  • Traditions, customs and holidays in Sweden
  • Grammar:
    • Short answers
    • Helping verbs + infinite form
    • Verb: past tense
  • Quizzes


Module 3

  • How to talk about personalities and describing people
  • Comparing people and the words we use when doing so
  • Grammar:
    •  Adjectives indefinite/definite form + singular/plural
    • Adjectives: comparative/superlative form
  • Quizzes


Module 4

  • Understanding road descriptions
  • Telling cardinal directions
  • Grammar:
    • Verb tenses, group 1 – 3 of Swedish verbs
    • Reflexive pronouns in objective form
    • Possessive pronouns
  • Quizzes


Module 5

  • Talking about weather
  • Grammar:
    • When to use definite or indefinite form
    • Difference between “går” and “åker”
    • Reflexive, possessive pronouns (sin, sitt, sina)
  • Quizzes


Module 6

  • Body parts
  • Phrases and sayings about the body
  • Phrases at the doctor
  • Grammar:
    • Present tense or present perfect?
    • Past tense or present perfect?
    • Past perfect
    • Prepositions about time
  • Quizzes


Module 7

  • We talk about Sweden-facts
  • Grammar:
    • Word order, more complex main clause
    • Subordinated clause
    • Subordinating conjunctions
    • Indirect speech
    • Future tense
  • Quizzes


Module 8

  • How we live
  • Words and prases from our home
  • Grammar:
    •  Adverb of place (hem – hemma, bort – borta)
    • Passive form of the verbs
    • Deponent verbs
  • Quizzes



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