To get in to a really Christmasy cozy feeling, drinking glögg is a good way. Glögg with alcohol is a bit better than without, but only because it warms me up even more than the hot drink without it. I love to mingle around chatting with friends or family or colleagues or whoever, holding my small glass with the spicy hot wine drink in it, messing around with the tricky almonds and raisins that are stuck on the bottom of the glass and most often munching on a ginger cookie to it. That’s Christmas in my mouth!

The Christmas I spent in Canada a couple of years ago didn’t offer a whole bunch of glögg. Well, I heard Ikea had it, but it must have been a popular drink among the emigrated Swedes (or their relatives 100 years later), because it was all gone by the time I made it to my closest Ikea store.

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