Glad alla hjärtans dag! | Happy Valentines day!

I guess this post is a bit late, if you live in Sweden anyway.

Svenskt talesätt: Bättre sent än aldrig. (Straight translated from English: Better late than never.)

Nowadays people in Sweden notice that the 14th of February is something special. People actually happen to buy some flowers or chocolate to someone special. However, living in Canada, I see that there is still a huge difference in between the cultures.

Swedish children do not expect to get something on this day. Swedish children do not work weeks in advance to create beautiful cards to not only everyone in their class, but to everyone they know. And Swedish people don’t buy gifts to more than maybe one or two whom they love.


That’s what this blog does. It generalizes. To talk about a whole group of people, such as “the Swedes”, I kind of have to.

Happy Valentines! However you choose to celebrate it!

Glad alla hjärtans dag!


Some useful words to translate from Swedish to English on this day:

Choklad = chocolate

Geléhjärtan = jelly hearts

Blommor = flowers

Kärlek = love

Jag älskar dig = I love you


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