Beginner Swedish Course | Course description

Below is a course description to the Beginner Swedish course. It starts with the very basic words and phrases, as well as pronunciation and grammar rules. Toward the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of the most common topics in Swedish.

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Swedish beginner course description


Module 1

  • Phrases (to greet)
  • Presentation phrases
  • Grammar:
    • Verb: present tense
    • Questions/answers (question words/yes/no-questions)
    • Pronouns, subjective form
  • ·Pronunciation
  • ·Quizzes

Module 2

  • ·Presentation cont.
  • ·Week days and ways of saying time
  • ·Phrases to greet (cont.)
  • ·The Swedish vowels (short/long)
  • ·Grammar:
    • ·Prepositions in presentation phrases
    • ·Conjunctions
  • ·Pronunciation
  • ·Quizzes

Module 3

  • ·Telling time, the clock
  • ·Grammar:
    • ·Verb: present tense + imperative
    • ·Word order
  • ·Pronunciation
  • ·Quizzes

Module 4

  • ·Phrases to be nice
  • ·Translating “Like”
  • ·Vocabulary: verbs
  • ·Grammar:
    • ·En/ett + den/det 
    • ·Adjectives
  • ·Pronunciation
  • ·Quizzes

Module 5

  • Clothes and phrases to go with that
  • ·Grammar:
    • Continue with adjectives
    • Pronouns in objective form
    • Demonstrative pronouns (den här, den där…)
  • ·Pronunciation
  • ·Quizzes

Moudule 6

  • ·Talk about family
  • ·Grammar:
    • Verb: Present tense, helping verbs + infinite form
    • Satsadverb (inte, alltid, ofta…)
    • Possessive pronouns (min, mitt, mina)
  • ·Pronunciation
  • ·Quizzes

Lesson 7

  • Talking in helping verbs
  • How to answer to common phrases 
  • Grammar:
    • Past tense
    • Indefinite pronouns: (någon, något, några, annan, annat, andra…)
    • Using the pronoun “man”
    • “Ja” or “jo”?
  • Pronunciation
  • Quizzes

Module 8

  • Professions: “Yrken”
  • Compound words: “Sammansatta ord” 
  • Pronunciation in compound words
  • Repetition of the course, in a bit more advanced level – getting ready to move on!
  • Grammar
    • Adjectives in post positions
    • Inte…utan
    • Både…och/varken…eller
    • Repetition of the Swedish word order
  • Quizzes


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