I especially liked how you related everything to English.  I found this very helpful to me.  Your command of English is very, very good.

/Luella from Calgary, Canada


I’m writing to thank you because I can feel you really spend a lot of time and energy on teaching Swedish. All your materials, links, and presentations you give are underbar. I feel so lucky to find your lessons. And I also told other international students (who I know want to study Swedish) about your courses. Because you are the best Swedish teacher I ever met!

I enjoy the advanced course very much. Especially the job interview part. It helps a lot!

/Lu He, China, living in Sweden


The lessons were very helpful. It was a great approach. Recorded lessons are really helpful and the lessons were very well structured. I can’t think of anything that could be changed. You are such a great teacher with a really good approach! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with others!

/Sara, Slovenia


I wish I would have had Swedish2go with Åsa as my Swedish teacher from the very beginning.  I would have learned Swedish much faster.  She is an excellent teacher and does a great job explaining how to use the Swedish language. I can highly highly recommend swedish2go if you want to learn Swedish.

/Carol, USA


I was happy to have the opportunity to study Conversational Swedish with Åsa Bouck in 2009- 2010. I am very interested in my Swedish heritage so have long wanted to learn to speak Swedish. Åsa is an excellent instructor. To teach us verbal and written Swedish Åsa used a variety of fun teaching techniques. We learned pronunciation, grammar, and she even shared knowledge of Swedish lifestyle and culture. We worked on assignments at home through self-study. It was a fascinating and practical language course.

I plan to visit Sweden in the summer of 2012. I hope to practice the language I learned from Åsa. I would highly recommend studying Swedish with Åsa.

/Marian Williams, Camrose, AB, Canada

From Youtube:

this is the clearest explanation i’ve had so far about tidprepositioner, tack så mycket!



du förklarade det bättre än min lärare!!!! tack!!!!



Tack, let me express my surprise in English. You are really kind and hardworking also, oh you help us for nothing and in such speed.

I get benefit so much from notes and that ecourage me ( att skriva mer på svenska).



Jätte bra lektion,jag har lärt mig mycket.Tack!



Tack so mycket for this great video!

I really enjoyed this video because it gives the learner the needed tools of the swedish grammar that make him able to express himself easily. I am looking forward to watching more videos like these!