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Svensk midsommar

Rekommendationer vid midsommar: Det här är Swedish2go’s rekommendationer till dig som planerar att fira midsommar i Sverige för första gången: Undvik storstäderna. Det är folktomt där. Åk till småstäder, byar, allra helst i Dalarna, om du vill se traditionellt firande

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Swedish birthday celebration | Födelsedagsfirande i Sverige

According to my own little statistics, looking around on everyone I know, there is a huge chunk of people who has a birthday at the end of March, and April. Actually some official statistics also point to those months with

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What’s good about snow? + Verb lesson

If you are not interested in reading about snow and winter, scroll down, for a quick lesson about the verbs “går” and “åker”. In the dark and cold winter Sweden, it may be uplifting to hear some good things about


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