Beginner Swedish | Lektion 1 Modul 1: Introduktion och fraser

Welcome to Swedish2go and your first Swedish lesson!

You are likely in this room because you are a beginner of the Swedish language. How exciting that you want to start learning our beautiful language!

This is how you can study on each page:

  1. Look through the words in your flashcards. Note that the flashcards cover a whole module.
  2. Scroll through, or print the PDF presentation notes to the lesson.
  3. Now, sit down comfortably with a cop of strong black (preferably Swedish) coffee, have your note-papers ready, and start the lesson 1.
  4. Do the quiz and test yourself after the lesson. Press the start-button!
  5. Was it hard? Review the lesson! Ready to move on? Go to lesson 2!

Se den avancerade svensklektionen på papper!flashcard

Titta på lektionen och gör sedan testet här under.

(Watch the lesson and then do the quiz underneath.)

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Lektion 1 Modul 1, Beginner Swedish

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